The Internet of Things is creating new customer experiences and unparalleled economic value, while improving quality of life for countless people around the globe. By providing products and services to connect “things” to the Internet, MultiTech delivers deeper understanding to businesses, governments, organizations and individuals, which will in turn transform the way we live and work.

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MultiTech Masters

MultiTech Masters to help customers enable successful implementation of large-scale IoT programs, reduce technical risk and shorten time to market.  The program recognizes key systems integrators with proven success implementing designs for customer applications across key industry verticals including energy, agriculture, utility, transport, and healthcare. 

MultiTech Masters partners provide design, development and integration assistance, as well as project management and other value added services. Integrators are selected based on proven success designing devices and applications using MultiTech technology, and the ability to deliver a set of complementary skills and industry expertise. Selection criteria includes hardware, software and mechanical integration skills as well as expertise in design, prototyping, certification and manufacture of IoT devices.

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SocketModem Cell

Now with LTE Cat 1

MultiTech introduces a 4G-LTE Cat 1 version of the award winning SocketModem® Cell, the industry’s top-selling operator certified, embedded, end platform modem. The new device offers peak upload data rates of up to 5 Mbps and download data rates of up to 10 Mbps and is ideally suited for long lifetime IoT applications that require lower data rates (2G replacement) as well as battery- or solar-operated devices.

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MultiConnect xDot

Now Available

The MultiConnect® xDot™ (MTXDOT Series) is the latest in a series of our LoRa® long range, low power wireless modules. The MultiConnect xDot is our smallest, lowest power solution that offers significantly longer range and improved radio performance compared to traditional wireless solutions—resulting in greater transmission range and reduced capital expense.

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Crossing to Safety, Powered by MultiTech

There is no room for error when implementing a school flasher system that helps children safely cross the road to school.

See how MultiTech is helping maintain safe school zones.

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